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Off the Grid

gardenWe're moving in the direction of entirely producing our own electricity, usually known as "going off-grid". In the modern electric power grid structure, the electricity available to any home comes from a myriad of far-off generators often fueled by materials from around the world with which we have no relationship. For the things in our life which for now still require electricity, we'd like to be more intimately aware of where the power is coming from and less tied to the going-ons of the power company.

We're planning a variety of alternative energy projects including the construction of photovoltaic array using our own home-made solar panels; passive solar water-heating for the house; and a passive solar dehydrator to provide one more way to preserve the harvest. We're also exploring other ways to produce electricity on a small scale without polluting our environment, and want to teach people how to do the same for themselves.


Farm Tour, Winter Games and Potluck - February 9th from 11-3pm
See the Farm in winter, tour and potluck meal. Go snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating (bring your own equipment -- weather and snow dependent) and eat some great food! Please preregister! (518) 797-3373 or use sign up form.

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